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About SocietyLinks
Our current activities are primarily around strengthening the foundation of the organization, such as recruiting volunteers, unemployed residents, school leavers, housewives, professional residents, and creating links with local residents and key stakeholders to build partnerships. By using mapping exercises we can discover local facilities, opportunities, needs, aspirations, barriers and community initiatives.

We believe these preparatory activities will build a strong organization with a rock-solid support mechanism; this will pave the way for a sustainable social enterprise which will continue to serve the most disadvantaged residents of Tower Hamlets on a very hands-on and caring manner through self help and collective action.


 The core values of SocietyLinks Tower Hamlets are as follows:

We value the residents of Tower Hamlets as an ethnically diverse community with rich experiences and high human potential.


We aim to support residents.

·   To help themselves, and one another to live more fulfilling lives by securing better futures.

·   To live healthy lives in a safe, and comfortable environment.

·   To participate in the life of the community.

·   To take part in education, training, and recreation opportunities. 

·   To secure decent housing, employment, and an adequate income. 


We endeavour.

   To be accountable and responsive to residents.

·   To be flexible and innovative in the delivery of quality service

·   To work in partnership with other agencies whenever possible and appropriate.

·   To oppose discrimination on grounds of race, religion, gender, age, sexuality and disability.